Top 50 Most Beautiful Cars of All-Time

50. 1957 Ford Thunderbird

The 1957 Ford Thunderbird is true Americana at its best. The widened hood coupled with the accented headlights and the contrasting top makes for a truly dynamic vehicle. For any period piece film or television program, one can normally see the Thunderbird prominently shown. Duly, there's something to be said about the mystique surrounding this vehicle. There's perhaps not another car better embodying American spirit more so than the 1957 Ford Thunderbird.

49. 2018 Mercedes AMG GTS

The 2018 Mercedes AMG is a vehicle largely lauded for its performance. As one can see, technological advancements have made this car immensely striking. The suspension of the vehicle, coupled with fantastic steering capabilities, allows for the car to seamlessly glide on the trickiest of turns. This includes the casual jaunt down a trendy boulevard, or even traversing through treacherous mountain roads. Above all else, the ability to travel in a 2018 Mercedes AMG will make plenty of people jealous.

48. 1967 Shelby GT500

There are classic cars... and then there's the 1967 Shelby GT500. Compactly built, the vehicle's impressive initial burst allows for it to effortlessly scoot down the roads with the greatest of ease. In a sense, this vehicle holds the sensibility of a leisure car with the 'cool factor' of a sports car. The white racing stripe on the flank furthers the notion of a car ready to hit the streets with equal parts acceleration and top-end performance.

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