The Tragic Life Of Lawrence Phillips: The Former NFL Player Who Found Trouble Wherever He Went

Having stability from a young age can truly shape the trajectory of one’s life. The tangible appearance of positive influences often will lead to productivity at an elevated age. Though one ultimately has the decision to make specific choices for themselves, the thought process behind the decision-making can often be determined by one’s prior past.

There are those unable to shake the demons of the past. Invariably, strife and trouble will follow them wherever they go until it’s unfortunately too late. Athletes in particular are often beset by these sorts of circumstances. Many grow up with impoverished backgrounds. Others are raised in single-parent households. These facets do not help matters when maturing and growing in one’s informative years. Habits are developed, and thus are potentially carried on in later years.

Lawrence Phillips is an example of such a case. Growing up in an unorthodox environment, Phillips continually scratched and clawed for everything he had. Though a successful football career gave him much joy, violent off-the-field issues derailed both his professional and personal life. The sad ending to this tale serves as an example of how negative influences in life can ultimately end one.

Image Source: USA TODAY Sports