The Fall of Ex-NFL Star Dave Meggett From Superstardom To Prison

Professional athletes are often depicted as mythical heroes for children and adults alike. In a time where life can be both arduous and trying, a Sunday afternoon featuring one’s favorite football team can offer a temporary moment of reprieve. These fans can collectively exhale amidst the excitement on the field. Jaw-dropping displays of sheer athleticism and unabated courage are truly captivating.

In a sense, these players are like soldiers going into battle against the enemy. Emboldened by the team’s colorful uniform, athletes will do their best to win at all costs — whilst also entertaining thousands of people in the process. Specifically in regards to football, we often associate a player’s likeness with the name on the back of the jersey. One’s ability on the football field could often determine the fan’s viewpoint of the said player’s character. Naive or not, it’s something many of us are guilty of doing.

Dave Meggett had a habit of delighting those fans who watched him in person, and on television. An absolutely dynamic running back with the New York Giants, New York Jets, and the New England Patriots, Meggett was one of the league’s very best on special teams. While he dominated on the gridiron, the South Carolina native was a different person off the field. A series of incidents completely changed the narrative in regards to Meggett’s prior reputation. He went from being a highly popular individual to one beset by a series of horrific decisions.

Image Source: Rant Sports