Sean Taylor: The NFL Safety Tragically Killed During A Home Burglary

Everybody remembers the hit.

The Pro Bowl (the NFL’s version of an All-Star game) typically isn’t looked at as a legitimate contest within football circles. At the time, the game was still being played in Hawaii. Players and coaches were just happy to be on the beautiful island amongst friends and family. It served as a time for rest and relaxation after the grueling NFL season. Quarterbacks would play pitch and catch, coaches would draw up plays they would never try normally, and defense was at a minimum.

In 2006, Buffalo Bills punter Brian Moorman was selected to represent his conference. It was the second time Moorman had been pick as a Pro Bowler, and on his second go-around he wanted to make a statement. Although punters aren’t known for their athleticism, Moorman was an All-American track star in college, and truly believed he was one of the fastest players in the league.

Late in the game, the coaches decided to give Moorman a chance. They called out the 30-year old, but instead of punting, Moorman caught the snap and took off running. There was daylight ahead of him, and Moorman had a chance to showcase his speed by getting a first down. And then… boom.

Moorman was flat on his back, and the world was introduced to Sean Taylor.

Sean Michael Maurice Taylor was an NFL defender that attended the University of Miami and played professionally for the Washington Redskins. That play in 2006 was a perfect example of the type of player Taylor was throughout his entire career. He always played his heart out, no matter what the situation was. Taylor was a local hero in his hometown of Miami, Florida. His energetic, hard-hitting style endeared him to football fans across the nation.

Possessing a ton of skill and an amazing work-ethic, Taylor had the chance to become one of the best players ever. In 2007, just a year after his jaw-dropping hit on punter Brian Moorman, all of Taylor’s hopes and dreams were abruptly cut short.

Image Source: Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images