Ohio Teen Unintentionally Solves His Own 13-Year Abduction Case

The bond between a parent and a child is unparalleled. A parent and child grow and mature simultaneously, and become the biggest parts of each other’s lives. Being able to see your child make decisions (good or bad) and learn from their accomplishments and mistakes are some of the most rewarding moments in a parent’s life. A parent not getting the chance to experience these times with their child is a gut-wrenching feeling.

18-year old J.J. Mangina lived with his father for most of his childhood in the city of Cleveland, Ohio. Mangina spent his days doing normal kid stuff. He excelled in school where he achieved straight A’s. He was an athlete that starred for Cleveland High School, and he shared a great relationship with his dad who was a single parent. Or so he thought.

When Mangina was applying for colleges in his senior year of high school, one of his school counselors noticed a peculiar discrepancy with his identification. It turns out he wasn’t quite who he thought he was, and that his dad certainly had a lot of explaining to do.

Image Source: Heavy.com