NFL All-Pro QB Steve McNair’s Final Days Leave Many Questions Unanswered

Steve “Air” McNair was regarded by many as a top-notch NFL quarterback. For 13 years, the Mississippi native starred for three NFL franchises (Houston Oilers, Tennessee Titans, Baltimore Ravens). The three-time Pro Bowler was recognized as the league’s MVP during the 2003 season. Throughout the course of his illustrious career, McNair accrued an impressive 174 touchdown throws, 31,304 passing yards, and 37 rushing scores. He shared the success with wife Mechelle and all four of their children.

McNair had many interests outside of football. During his retirement, he opened his own restaurant in the Nashville, Tennessee area called Gridiron9. Additionally, McNair was extremely active in helping out communities in both Tennessee and in his native Mississippi. The former signal-caller would annually hold youth football camps for thousands of children. McNair was also integral in raising money and donations for those beset by hurricane damage throughout the Southeast region. In short, this benevolent individual was held in high regard by most who came across him.

As is the case with many athletes, extramarital affairs can end up being incredibly messy situations. Children may be born out of wedlock. The act of extortion may occur. Lastly, all sorts of legal issues could theoretically arise. In the case of McNair, an ill-fated relationship with a 20-year-old named Sahel Kazemi led to a deadly, life-altering event for his family. The circumstances surrounding the deaths of both McNair and Kazemi remain a major mystery eight years after the fact.

Image Sources: NY Daily News