Jayson Williams: The NBA All-Star Turned Prisoner Due To Insane Cover-Up

A fall from grace — particularly for someone in the public’s eye — can be swift, jarring, and utterly unforgivable. Problems can be compounded two-fold when inner demons run rampant on one’s soul. Without the tangible act of dealing with the said issues, trouble invariably manifests itself in a number of ways. These sorts of problems are magnified even further when an individual is constantly left vulnerable to the perils of the media and everything that comes with it.

Former NBA player Jayson Williams lived a life many would be envious of. He was the classic case of a hard worker. Starting his career with the Philadelphia 76ers, Williams struggled early on as a solid yet unspectacular athlete. Though originally pegged as a role player, Williams kept working hard. Once he moved to the New Jersey Nets, his career truly blossomed. He developed into a dominant big man — earning All-Star honors in 1998.

Though the New York native had developed into a productive NBA basketball player, off-the-court issues continued to sabotage his personal life. During his professional career, Williams never was quite able to separate business from pleasure. More often than not, the two crashed together in unfortunate ways.

After signing a gigantic contract to stay with the Nets, a February evening in 2002 completely changed the life of both Williams and limo driver Gus Christofi. Accidents do happen all the time. However, seldom does one involve a professional athlete and a murder cover-up. The inner demons of Williams ultimately caught up with him in an absolutely horrifying way.

Image Source: NBA.com