Irish Bare-Knuckle Boxing Champion Squares Off With American In Title Bout

The world of bare-knuckle boxing has the reputation as an underground sport featuring ruffians from all walks of life. Traditionally, many of the participants would have checkered pasts — whether that be prior trouble with the authorities, or personal strife. Promoter Andy Topliffe is spurring on a movement to change this stereotypical narrative.

Hailing from the small hamlet of Hinckley, Topliffe has created B-Bad Promotions — a company aimed at regulating the art of bare-knuckle boxing. His ultimate goal is to bring this sport into mainstream society. There’s a rich British history embedded within the fabric of the sport, and it’s something Topliffe is ardently showcasing. Specifically, Topliffe has one idea in mind to truly bring this sport from the bowels of obscurity into the limelight.

Image Sources: VICE News, YouTube/VICE