Irish Bare-Knuckle Boxing Champion Squares Off With American In Title Bout

The sport of boxing has evolved into a billion-dollar sport. From the days of Marciano and Ali, to the current climate involving Mayweather and Golovkin, the sport continues to be a highly-popular entity enjoyed all across the world. There was a time in which the pillow-like gloves were not allowed. Instead, fighters opted to use nothing but their fists during competitive matches. The sport of bare-knuckle boxing has continued to be a fixture throughout the fighting world — predominantly in the United Kingdom.

Early roots of the sport date back to the early 1700’s. Viewed as a gentlemen’s game, there were a specific set of rules in which all had to abide by. Toughness was certainly not a question — as fighters would routinely experience broken fingers, eye sockets, hands, wrists, and noses. However, there was no greater feeling than being crowned the King of your neighborhood. Not only was it a sign of honor, but it was also a sign of respect.

While bare-knuckle boxing isn’t as popular as traditional boxing, it remains quite prevalent across the pond in England. Irish fighter James “Gypsy Boy” McCrory has been in over 200 brawls. A fixture within the sport throughout the United Kingdom, he was faced with his toughest challenge yet — taking on American fighter Jason “Machine Gun” Young in what turned out to be an absolutely fantastic match. It marked the first time in 150 years in which a bare-knuckle fighter from the United States would square off versus one from the U.K. in a title bout. The process and hype surrounding this fight resembled that of a Hollywood movie.

Image Source: VICE