Robert Rozier: The Ex-NFL Player Turned Convicted Black Supremacist

Leaders are a unique group of people. Not everyone is born with the innate ability to empower a group with their speech or actions. However, this power comes with responsibility, and certain men and women in history have used their power over others in terrible and horrifying ways.

Few people have abused this power more than Yahweh ben Yahweh. Originally born with the name Hulon Mitchell Jr. in 1935 to Dr. Hulon Mitchell Sr. and Dr. Pearl Mitchell, he was the first of 15 children. The family grew up in Oklahoma, where they regularly participated and volunteered at the local church. Yahweh’s father was the church’s Minster, his mother was the pianist, and all 15 children sang in the church choir. Yahweh’s sister – Leona Mitchell – even became a famous soprano for her part in the Metropolitan Opera.

Even from a young age, Yahweh seemed a bit different, claiming he knew that he was “divine” from the age of 3. Yahweh’s religious beliefs consistently morphed as he aged and matured. Over his life, he was known as Hulah Shah, Father Michael, and Brother Love. During this time, Yahweh attended segregated public schools, and eventually sought out higher education in the Air Force and Phillips College in Oklahoma.

Yahweh routinely worked with civil rights groups to help organize protests and sit-ins in his home state of Oklahoma. His views eventually became clouded and he even referred to Martin Luther King Jr. as “that dead dog preacher”. Yahweh moved to Miami in 1976, which is when he officially changed his name an established the Nation of Yahweh.

Yahweh was a charismatic leader, and utilized his speech and motivational skills to empower a trove of followers. Although it seemed like the group stood for a sound set of beliefs, Yahweh’s group would eventually grow into one of the most ruthless and dangerous cults in North American history.

Image Source: Image.Mag