Heroic Fan Helped Save Professional Soccer Player Who Collapsed On Field The player was dead for 78 minutes

Expect the unexpected. It’s a phrase we all hear growing up. This axiom can be applicable to a number of different avenues — whether they be related to sports, a gripping novel, or an intriguing film. Above all else, this phrase is overarching as it pertains to life. Unless one’s a spectacularly confident figure, one’s existence on Earth is duly fascinating and ambiguous in nature.

Fabrice Muamba was a highly promising professional soccer player. Immigrating from the Democratic Republic of Congo to England as a young boy, Muamba’s talents as an athlete were quickly unearthed. He quickly rose the ranks of the English soccer ladder. By the time he was 17 years of age, Muamba was starring in the English Premier League — which unequivocally is the most recognizable and popular soccer league in the world today.

Alas, Muamba endured an Earth-shattering event at the age of 24. Many in his position would’ve sadly perished. However, one individual watching the game live inserted himself into the action upon seeing Muamba’s rapidly declining situation. In what can only be described as immensely benevolent, Muamba and Andrew Deaner will forever be linked for Deaner’s heroic actions.

Image Source: David Price/Getty Images