Former NFL Player, Girlfriend Involved In Horrifying Double Murder Suicide

A romantic relationship is accompanied by multiple layers of emotion. People often look back at the positive experiences one may have had with a loved one. These remembrances of nostalgia can serve as a jarring reminder to the past. Though we love to delve into the fun memories of a relationship, inevitable strife and stress will appear just as strongly.

In the recent year, assaults on women by men have been publicized in the media like never before. Countless examples of abhorrent acts are routinely perpetrated against innocent victims. We’ve seen this matriculate into the realm of the NFL far too often. One of the most deadly cases involves former Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher.

Belcher was considered an up-and-coming linebacker with the Chiefs organization. An underdog his whole football career, Belcher carved out a niche for himself as an energetic, undersized stud. However, it was a far different story off the field. One fateful evening in November of 2012 forever changed the lives of Belcher, his family, and the entire Chiefs’ organization.

Image Source: Jamie Squire/Getty Images