Former NBA Champion Mysteriously Dies on Sailing Trip

Millions of kids grow up dreaming of becoming a professional athlete. All they think about is being one of the best to ever play, and achieving the ultimate goal of becoming a champion. Legends like Michael Jordan and Tom Brady play their respective sport because they have an intense passion for it. They live and breathe those sports and strive for greatness.

However, not all professional athletes necessarily share the same mindset. Sometimes, athletes compete to reach different goals. They can still enjoy playing, but treat the sport as a job that will provide an income to pursue other passions.

This notion directly applies to Bison Dele (formerly known as Brian Williams) – the former NBA player who spent eight seasons with five different teams. The University of Arizona alum lived for the thrill of adventure. He loved traveling and enjoyed being outdoors.

On one warm summer day in 2002, Dele and three others set sail from the beautiful island of Tahiti in hopes of writing another chapter in his illustrious life. Unbeknownst to him at the time, this would be the last adventure Dele would ever embark on…

Image Source: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images