Former MLB Star Is Helping Ex-NBA Player With His Finances

Alex Rodriguez is an interesting man. For years, fans all over the place loved him. He first starred as a stud baseball player for the Seattle Mariners. He then signed gigantic contracts — first with the Texas Rangers and then eventually with the New York Yankees. Many thought Rodriguez could turn out to be the best baseball player ever.

Rodriguez had some of the most beautiful women in the world throwing themselves at him. As he became a bigger name, Rodriguez began dating big time celebrities. This list included the likes of Kate Hudson, Demi Moore, Torrie Wilson, Cameron Diaz, and now Jennifer Lopez. It appeared like Rodriguez had everything he ever wanted.

However, Rodriguez was caught up in the widespread steroid scandal. Many baseball players were linked to performance-enhancing drugs. After denying a rumored role with steroids on a nationally televised interview with host Katie Couric, Rodriguez admitted  that he did in fact use performance-enhancing drugs.

Rodriguez was suspended for 162 games by Major League Baseball as a result of the findings. In a short time, Rodriguez went from a respected player to one now called a cheater by many of his former fans and peers.

Since retiring from baseball, Rodriguez has reversed the negative perception. He’s become a very good baseball analyst on television. Additionally, Rodriguez has turned himself into a fantastic businessman. With interests in a ton of fields, Rodriguez has maintained a considerable amount of money.

The same can’t be said for former NBA player Joe Smith. Upon seeing Smith struggling with his finances in a large way, Rodriguez came to the rescue and offered his help.

Image Source: Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Guess, Inc.