Former Chicago Bears Great Now Battling Significant Health Issues

Professional athletes are presented to the public as superheroes. They regularly perform feats of strength, agility and grace that seem nearly impossible. It can be easy to forget at times that those players on television are humans too. Their paycheck and lifestyle are typically very nice, but they feel emotions and hardships just like everybody else. Pressure from fans, media and family can break even the strongest of willed. Some people flourish in these conditions, while others take a more unfortunate route.

William “Refrigerator” Perry was a mammoth of a man that played professional football for over a decade. His most memorable stop came with the Chicago Bears under famed coach Mike Ditka. Refrigerator or simply “Fridge” played defensive lineman and was revered for his massive body — standing at 6’2″ and weighing up to 340 pounds. His charisma and infectious attitude made him a fan favorite of Chicago and extremely well liked among his teammates.

Perry had virtually everything going for him – a star athlete, a Super Bowl champion, and a great personality that endeared him to many. Usually spotted with a smile on his face, it always seemed like nobody on the football field was having more fun than Fridge. Typically though, it’s the ones that are always smiling that hurt the most. It’s obvious now that the hulkish Perry was having a constant battle with his own inner demons.

Image Source: SportsGrid