Baby Was Returned By Adoptive Parents Over Her Race

There are few absolute truisms in this world. The trajectory of anyone’s life — whether positive or negative — can change in mere seconds. Unequivocally, we all want to be loved. Possessing close-knit relationships with family, friends, and a significant other is immensely sacred. Unfortunately, there are those who aren’t given the opportunity to relish in these experiences.

Angelle Kimberly Smith was put up for adoption by her biological parents. In hopes of adopting a child of their own, the Sandberg family enlisted the help of a local lawyer to broker a transaction. On the day Smith arrived at her new home, the Sandberg family were stunned to find out that she was indeed African-American.

A myriad of circumstances prevented Smith from staying at her new home. As such, the Sandbergs decided to return her after a short period of time. They then proceeded with the adoption of another girl — though this time the adopted child was Caucasian. 50 years later, a chance encounter had Smith meeting with her original adoptive father.

Image Source: Hulton Archive/Getty Images