The Worst Missed Calls Of All-Time

19. Dez Bryant’s ‘Catch’

This moment will haunt Cowboys’ fans forever. Trailing the Packers by five points in the Divisional Round, Dez Bryant seemingly hauled in a 30-yard pass — more than likely setting Dallas up for the go-ahead score. Instead, the play was deemed incomplete and the Packers would go on to win. Everyone thought Dez made a clean catch, except for Green Bay and the zebras. 

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18. Jerry Rice Ruled Down

Facing a 27-23 deficit with under 40 seconds remaining in the game, Jerry Rice appeared to fumble away San Francisco’s chance at another Super Bowl. Ruled down on the field, Rice clearly lost control of the ball before hitting the ground. Instead, the 49ers maintained possession of the ball. Four plays later, Steve Young and Terrell Owens connected for the game-winning touchdown. The Packers went on to miss the postseason the next two years.  

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