The Future of Professional Wrestling: Examining AEW’s Star-Studded Roster

28. Luchasaurus

Behind that intimidating reptilian-like mask is one of the greatest success stories in all of professional wrestling. The man behind Luchasaurus is ten-year wrestling veteran Austin Matelson. The 35-year-old was once under a development contract with the WWE back in 2012. During his time in WWE, Matelson dealt with severe hip pain and even contemplated retirement.

The WWE cut Matelson from its roster in 2014, and he didn’t make his return to the ring until two years later. Now, Luchasaurus is the owner of one of the best gimmicks on the entire AEW roster, and is exceptionally athletic for a man his size. The Mesozoic monster is currently nursing an injury, but big things are in store for Luchasaurus when he makes his triumphant return to Dynamite.

Image Source: TWM Wrestling