The Future of Professional Wrestling: Examining AEW’s Star-Studded Roster

20. Jim Ross

Alexander Tamargo/WWE/Getty Images for WWE

Image Source: Alexander Tamargo/WWE/GETTY Images

Anybody tuning into AEW for the first time will be greeted by a historically familiar voice. The longtime announcer for WWE, Ross is widely-regarded as one of the absolute best commentators in history. Both his voice and passion are unmistakable. Good ‘ol JR has had the privilege of lending his voice to some of the most memorable matches of all-time.

19. Los Güeros del Cielo (Jack Evans and Angélico)

Image Source: Amino

AEW has wasted no time bolstering their tag team division. With plenty of top tandems in tow, grabbing the electrifying duo of Evans and Angélico only adds to the madness. The two veterans bring even more legitimacy to the roster, and are both good workers with plenty of charisma. Look for the reunited tag team to get plenty of baby face praise in the early goings.