The Best (and Worst) Dressed Cities in Sports

24. Cincinnati

Team Scores: Reds (6.2), Bengals (5.0), FC Cincinnati (5.5)

The Reds aren’t far off from having a great jersey. Unfortunately, the team appears to be set on including black in their look — and use far too much of it. Additionally, the blocky font used for their numbers and the NOB is too clunky. The Bengals have updated their uniforms ahead of the 2021 NFL season, but they remain rather bland.

With a Bengal tiger as their moniker, you’d think the team would better capitalize on its opportunity. As it pertains to the helmet, you either love it or hate it. Maybe a white and black shell would improve the look of some of their uniforms. As for FC Cincinnati, the MLS newcomer has a decent pinstriped look. Hopefully next year they will add an extra splash of orange to standout a bit more.

Image Source: USA TODAY Sports