The 25 Greatest Formula 1 Drivers of All-Time

25. Alan Jones

Wins & Podiums: 12 W, 24 P

As we count down the best Formula One drivers of all-time, who better to start with than the first driver to win a Formula One World Championship with Williams Racing? Born in 1946, Alan Jones made his F1 debut in 1975 and ultimately joined Williams in ’78. A year later, Jones finished 3rd place in the World Drivers’ Championship.

In ’80, Jones won the Championship — becoming just the second Australian driver to accomplish the feat. That racing season, Jones won five races and had five additional podium finishes. Jones’ triumph was the peak of his career. In the following years, Jones competed in F1 two more seasons before retiring — finishing 3rd (’81) and 12th (’86).

Image Source: Duncan Raban/Getty Images