The 20 Greatest Athletes Whose Careers Were Derailed By Injuries

Marc Savard

Hockey by nature is a tough and rugged sport. Injuries are a part of the game — particularly when it comes to concussions.  Savard is one of the most infamous stories of a player riddled by head injuries over his career. It eventually led to his retirement.

The former Boston Bruin had really come into his own as a professional towards the latter part of his 20s. From 2006-2009, Savard scored 359 points in 320 games (missing just eight games in the process). In 2011, Savard was forced to retire due to the effects of a concussion sustained the year prior. It’s relieving to know Savard exited the sport before any more damage could be caused to his brain. However, every hockey fan wishes he would have been able to retire on his own terms.

Image Source: Gregg Forwerck/Getty Images