The 15 Worst Sports Teams Of All-Time

12. 1991 Indianapolis Colts — 1-15

Bad teams typically are offensively inept — and no team was worse on offense than the Colts of the early 90’s. 1991 was rock bottom for Indianapolis, as a team led by Jeff George recorded a league-low 143 points on the season. If it weren’t for two games in which Indy’s offense exploded for 24 and 28 points, the Colts’ numbers would have been even worse.

The team certainly wasn’t dilute of talent. George was a servicable player that didn’t have the worst season of his career in 1991. They had Eric Dickerson, who was admittedly past his prime. The team just couldn’t find ways to muster up points.

Indy was held to single digits in 11 of their 16 games. There was a five-week stretch in which the Colts didn’t record a single touchdown — on offense or defense. The offensive numbers are mind-boggling, and being ranked 26th out of 28th in defense only furthered their case as one of the worst teams in NFL history.

11. 1962 New York Mets — 40-120

It hurts to be so hard on expansion teams. Teams around the league fear an expansion team finding instant success, so rules are put in place to hamper their team building process. Some teams fall through the cracks (’97 Carolina Panthers, ’18 Vegas Golden Knights), but most expansion squads face grim inaugural seasons.

That was exactly the case for the ’62 Mets who own the single season MLB record for most losses since 1900.

Things actually weren’t looking too bad early on. The Mets started the year 12-19, and fans gleefully attended the games. A rough patch hit during the middle of the season though. The team had three separate double-digit losing streaks (11, 13, and 17) over the next few months of the season. Their starting pitching staff took the brunt of the losses. Roger Craig, Jay Hook and Al Jackson combined for 59 losses between the three of them.

Image Sources: Focus On Sport/GETTY Images, Bettman/GETTY Images