RANKED: The World’s 27 Most Valuable Sports Franchises

27. Baltimore Ravens (NFL): $2.3 Billion

Though the franchise has only been in existence since 2000, the Ravens have made the playoffs on 10 separate occasions during this span. It impressively includes two Super Bowl wins (2000, 2012). Baltimore has carved out quite a nice niche for itself as a winning football franchise. It comes as no surprise to see this relatively new entity factor in the top-half of all NFL franchises from a value standpoint.

Image Source: Tommy Gilligan/USA TODAY Sports

26. Green Bay Packers (NFL): $2.35 Billion

When one thinks of the NFL, the Green Bay Packers quickly come to mind. This franchise is synonymous with everything the sport stands for. Though located in the relatively small city of Green Bay, this neighborhood feel represents the vast majority of those watching the sport from around the country. The value of the franchise has undoubtedly been aided by past success — as well as possessing three all-time greats (Bart Starr, Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers) at the quarterback position.

Image Source: Bill Streicher/USA TODAY Sports