RANKED: The 22 Craziest Groups of Sports Fans in the World

22. The City of Boston

Sports fans in the city of Boston are absolutely nuts. Whether it’s cheering on the Celtics in the Garden, rooting for the Red Sox behind the Green Monstah, or watching Tom Brady dominate at Foxboro, this is a place chock-full of die-hard fans. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more loyal group — particularly if the team isn’t as good as they want you to believe it is.

21. Wrestling Fans

Professional wrestling has many layers. We know about WWE (formerly WWF). There are also underground shows, smaller promotions, and worldwide companies which hold considerable popularity. Wrestling fans are not only loyal, but also highly knowledgeable of their sport. They can even hold big time influence on how the direction/arc of some characters will go. This is all due to their reaction during a live show.

Image Source: Foto24/Gallo Images/Getty Images, Matthew J. Lee/The Boston Globe via Getty Images