Del Solar Makes History on Korn Ferry Tour Shooting Lowest Ever 57

Cristobal Del Solar walked down the fairway on 18 at Country Club de Bogota in Columbia and asked his caddie what his score was. Little did Del Solar anticipate that his performance would etch him into golfing history, clinching the record for the lowest-ever score in a PGA Tour-sanctioned event with a jaw-dropping 13-under 57.

The Chilean golf prodigy’s phenomenal round was a symphony of precision and finesse, punctuated by nine birdies and two eagles, all achieved without a single bogey. Opening with a front-nine blitz of 27 strokes, Del Solar demonstrated unwavering mastery over the Pacos Course at Country Club de Bogota. His sublime play was further underscored by a back-nine score of 30, leaving spectators in awe of his prowess.

Notably, Del Solar’s remarkable feat also shares the annals of professional golfing history, tying with Ireland’s David Carey for the lowest round ever recorded in a professional tournament. Yet, the conditions at Bogota’s elevated course, coupled with the accommodating rules due to inclement weather, set the stage for Del Solar’s meteoric ascent.

Reflecting on his unparalleled achievement, Del Solar humbly attributed his success to meticulous preparation and an unwavering commitment to excellence. “You don’t set out to shoot a 57,” he remarked, his words a testament to his disciplined approach to the game. As he basks in the glow of his record-breaking performance, Del Solar remains focused on the task at hand, cognizant of the challenges that lie ahead in the tournament’s ensuing rounds.

For Del Solar, this historic milestone is a testament to his unwavering pursuit of greatness. With aspirations of ascending to the PGA Tour, he remains resolute in his quest to carve out a legacy as one of golf’s preeminent talents. As the tournament unfolds, all eyes will be on Del Solar, eager to witness the next chapter in his remarkable journey toward golfing immortality.