Athletes Who Retired Before Anyone Expected

Gale Sayers

Sayers still remains as one of the most underappreciated running backs in league history. The Kansas native was a phenomenal athlete. Elusive and quick, Sayers was immensely difficult to stop in the open field. Despite being a 5-time First Team All-Pro selection, Sayers remains a mere flicker in the memory of many. Why is that?

Sayers was well on his way to establishing himself as a first ballot Hall of Famer. However, a number of knee injuries hindered his career. Sayers tore his ACL at 26 years of age (though fully recovered). During the preseason of the 1972 season, Sayers called it quits. He was only 29 years old. Had Sayers continued on for a few more years, he likely would’ve garnered even more notoriety.

Image Source: Bettmann/Getty Images