25 Perfectly Timed Sports Pictures

25. Keep Your Eyes On The Ball

This baseball player took the aged-old adage a bit too literally. Instead of using his glove, the Diamondbacks fielder decided to catch the ball with his face. The red imprint the ball left on his face will serve as a reminder to be ready for the rest of the game.

Image Source: reddit.com

24. Working The Body

Gunning for the noggin is a strategy employed by fighters of every level, but the true professionals know a body shot can dramatically shift the tides of any bout. Here we see a cage fighter executing a beautiful left body kick, rocking the opponents torso and distorting his back tattoo in the process. The recipient of the brutal kick will have some sore ribs in the morning.

Image Source: Dailymail

23. Coach Does It Himself

Football coaches only care about one thing — the game. They don’t have time to deal with nonsense, especially anything that delays the contest. Instead of waiting for security to detain a rogue fan, this Ohio State coach took matters into his own hands. Great form on the judo throw, and those white shorts will never be the same.

Image Source: NYPost.com

22. The King Makes His Pick

Star players can never escape the spotlight, even when they aren’t playing. Here we have the camera crew keying in on NBA superstar LeBron James as he takes in the game from the sidelines. Riddled with discomfort, James lodges a single finger into his nostril in search of relief. Unfortunately for the King, the whole world just witnessed him pick his nose.

Image Source: YouTube.com

21. World’s Greatest Multi-Tasking Dad

The ball game is the perfect place for friends and family to get together for a great day outside. These fans paid extra for some of the best seats in the house, and were able to get in on the action. The Cubs fans risked it all with child in hand, making a Web Gem-worthy grab in front of Dodgers first baseman/outfielder Cody Bellinger. Outstanding display of control and balance.

Image Source: MLB.com

20. Personal Space

Sports naturally bring out the full range of emotions from competitors. Despite their close proximity, this encounter between Tristan Thompson and David West was anything but cordial. Having played in the NBA Finals in back-to-back years, the two big men got under each other’s skin and tempers flared. Referees and three-time NBA Champion Andre Iguodala have minimal success in attempting to break the pair away from each other.

Image Source: Kelley L Cox/USA TODAY Sports

19. Mamba Mentality

A single shot can speak volumes about a person’s personality and demeanor. Kobe Bryant was known for being a stone-cold assassin on the basketball court, and nothing illustrates that better than his non-flinch after being antagonized by professional annoyer Matt Barnes.

Image Source: slamonline.com

18. Heads Up

Downright terror struck a section of the Angles stadium crowd when a flying bat came coursing through the wind. This is a ‘worst-case scenario’ for all of the fans in the near vicinity. Luckily, it looks like everybody’s aware of the spinning piece of wood coming towards them, as nobody appears to be distracted by a cell phone or a squirrel on the field. It could have been a lot worse.

Image Source: blogs.pjstar.com

17. The Face of Determination

Olympic shot put features some of the more imposing athletes in all of sports. An immense amount of strength is needed to throw a stone sphere great lengths. This hurler is putting everything he has into his throw, and the hilarious facial expression that results is a sight to see.

Image Source: bromygod.com

16. Maximum Torque For Sale

One of the best pitchers in all of baseball, Chris Sale puts an immense amount of torque and force into his signature fastball. The result is an elbow that looks almost unnatural when the motion is captured. His arm is nearly parallel to the ground, creating an illusion of a dislocated elbow. In actuality, the motion results in a near-unhittable pitch that gets batters out more often than not.

Image Source: Patrick McDermott/USA TODAY Sports

15. Incidental Contact

Punters are players too, and New Orleans Saints punter Thomas Morstead ensures he doesn’t give up a big play by grabbing a handful of facemask on this play. Most would concur that a 15-yard penalty is far better than giving up a touchdown, although kick return specialist Ted Ginn is probably not all too thrilled with Morstead’s tackling technique.

Image Source: reddit.com

14. Mirror Wall

No, this wakeboarder doesn’t have a twin. What he does have, though, is a ton of guts. The extreme athlete performs a death-defying trick that would have Harry Houdini begging for more. The move is terrifying enough, but not wearing a helmet is downright lunacy. A modern day dare devil.

Image Source: onebigphoto.com

13. Waves of Victory

The Gatorade bath is one of the oldest traditions in sports. After a big win, one of the team members — in this case, the coach — gets doused with the sugary energy drink in honor of the victory. Known primarily for its basketball program, the University of Duke took advantage of a rare win on the gridiron by showering head coach David Cutcliffe with some lemon-lime Gatorade.

Image Source: USATODAY.com

12. In The Zone

Is there anybody on the planet more locked-in than this table tennis player? I mean, look at his expression! His posture shows that he’s ready to pounce, and his eyes couldn’t be more focused on the ball standing just inches away from his face. In a game that is played at a rapid pace, it’s interesting to see everything slowed down for the untrained eye.

Image Source: askideas.com

11. What Has Four Arms and Is Yellow and Black All Over?

Answer: this distraught soccer player! Well, he doesn’t exactly have four arms. The photographer was able to capture the exact moment one of the player’s teammates was behind him as they simultaneously threw their arms up in unison. Now that’s what I call ‘teamwork’.

Image Source: reddit.com

10. An Interesting Strategy

Tennis is difficult enough. Having to return a 100-plus mile-per-hour serve is no walk in the park. Once a rally has begun, players are flying across the court, matching each other shot for shot with pinpoint accuracy. It truly requires full focus and energy, so this professional decided to make it a bit harder on herself by using a ‘blindfold’. Bold strategy, not sure if it paid off for her.
Image Source: dailypicksandflicks.com

9. The 12th Man

He’s open! Or is he? Further examination of the photo shows that it’s actually No. 62’s helmet in mid-air following a collision with the defensive player, and not a specter sent from another world to haunt the football field. Head injuries have been a majorly discussed issue as it pertains to football over the past few years. Rules now dictate that a player must sit for a play after losing their helmet, minimizing the risk for any severe trauma.

Image Source: imgur.com

8. Cup Check

Ouch. Everybody’s been here. A misguided swing hits the worst possible spot, and the decision to not wear a cup becomes increasingly problematic. Hopefully No. 9 was prepared for this exact situation, but from the look on his face it doesn’t appear he was ready for this sort of attacking play.

Image Source: Kevin Jairaj/USA TODAY Sports

7. Cannonball

Props to every Olympic high-diver. It’s hard to envision the height at which they’re performing all of their moves unless you’ve actually stood at the top of an Olympic diving board. The intensity in this competitors face is something to behold. He’s making sure he executes the perfect dive while avoiding any serious injury in the process. The gall to even try such a thing gives you a hint of the mental fortitude divers possess.

Image Source: sadanduseless.com

6. Rim Rattler

Shattering backboards are a lost art in basketball — mostly by design. Over the years, basket makers have gone to great lengths to ensure even the most aggressive of dunkers can’t break the glass. Gone are the days of Shaquille O’Neal shutting down games entirely with an earth-shattering slam. Here, a high school hooper gets in on the fun with a game-changing finish that would make Shaq proud.

Image Source: ballislife.com

5. Football Is A Game of Inches

Super Bowl XXXIV was played in 2000 and featured a highly-contested matchup between the St. Louis Rams and the Tennessee Titans. Down a touchdown with just a few ticks on the clock remaining, Titans QB Steve McNair orchestrated a brilliant drive that put Tennessee in position to tie the game. Only ten yards away from the end zone, McNair delivered a strike to receiver Kevin Dyson, only for Rams defender Mike Jones to tackle him just short of the goal line. The clock hit double zeroes, Dyson was a yard short, and the Titans had run out of time.

Image Source: Brian Spurlock/USA TODAY Sports

4. I Love LA

The most recent photo featured on this list, the 2018 World Series gave baseball fans plenty to cheer about. Although the Dodgers ended up losing the series in five games, one of the most memorable moments had to be Yasiel Puig’s spectacular three-run home run in Game 4. Puig’s excitement, the pitcher’s disappointment, and LA sports legend Kobe Bryant celebrating in the background make this an image that Los Angeles will hold onto forever.

Image Source: Eugene Garcia/USA TODAY Sports

3. You Can’t Be Serious

Indiana Pacers guard Victor Oladipo had a breakout season in his first year with the team. While making his first All-Star appearance is an impressive feat, it pales in comparison to the endless memes created as a result of this single picture. Oladipo’s pure disdain towards a call that didn’t go his way is inspiring.

Image Source: SB Nation

2. Using Your Head

Soccer players thrive when using their dexterous feet, but they also have the ability to get creative when a ball if out of kicking-range. This player uses his head to advance play, though we can’t say we’re all that impressed with his technique. Headers are actually one of the more dangerous plays in all of soccer, resulting in concussions, collisions, and the occasional embarrassing photo.

Image Source: THEEMINT

1. I’m Not Touching You!

Few players can annoy an opponent like Lance Stephenson. The ‘Clown Prince’ didn’t spare the King when the two faced off the Eastern Conference Finals in back-to-back seasons from 2013-14. Stephenson utilizes a unique tactic here by blowing air into LeBron’s ear. It didn’t help much, as James’ team beat Stephenson’s Pacers both times they faced off in the postseason.

Image Source: YouTube