2024 NFL Mock Draft: How Many QBs Go In The 1st Round?

1. Chicago Bears (from CAR): QB Caleb Williams (USC)

Rob Schumacher/USA TODAY Sports

With Carolina finishing with the worst record in football, the No. 1 will pick will be headed to Chicago. And, it seems like Justin Fields could be pushed aside for a new QB. Caleb Williams is simply too talented of a player to pass up here. Among the QBs coming out of the draft over the last decade, Williams looks like one of the best bets to be a franchise signal-caller.

Aside from the clear charisma he plays with, the skill set is supremely gifted. Williams gets terrific velocity on his throws — both from inside and outside the pocket. His improvisational skills are special yet calculated. Williams won’t be reckless with the football. A strong, bulky frame enables him to break tackles — and the feel inside the pocket Williams possesses is insanely good for a player his age.