The World’s 24 Highest-Paid Soccer Stars

19. Gerard Piqué: FC Barcelona/Spain

First off, let’s give credit where credit is due. Not only does Piqué marshall the backline of an insanely famous club, but he also managed to marry Shakira. As many can attest to, her hips certainly don’t lie. Aside from a short stint at Manchester United, he’s spent the vast majority of his professional career with his hometown club. Due to his yeoman’s work on the back-end, Barcelona pays Piqué an annual salary of $14.7 million. With bonuses factored in, he’ll bring home $17.7 million on an annual basis.

Image Source: EPIC BRO/YouTube

18. Robin Van Persie: Fenerbahçe/Netherlands

Van Persie has been one of the brightest Dutch footballers over the last decade. His effervescence on the pitch is undeniable — as is his skill in the final third. After 12 years starring in England for the likes of Manchester United and Arsenal, RVP was lured to Fenerbahçe in the Turkish Süper Lig. What made him leave for a step down in competition, one may ask? In one word – money. The Turkish super club is paying Van Persie $15.8 million in salary and bonuses. In total, he earned $17.8 million this past season.

Image Source: Paul Nicolae/YouTube