The Start of a Golden Generation? Ranking Best 30 U.S. Soccer Players Under 25

30. Tanner Tessmann — FC Dallas (19)

We’ve constantly heard about Tessmann and his football scholarship to Clemson as a kicker. But can we talk about him as a soccer player first? This is a player brimming with confidence. Despite being 6-foot-4, Tessmann is far from a lumbering midfielder. He represents the modern day footballer when it comes to possessing both athletic traits as well as strong technical ability. Tessmann can play elevated in the attack — though long-term projection has him as either a box-to-box midfielder, or as a No. 6. Being able to develop at a club known for utilizing young players has to excite fans of the USMNT. He’ll be fighting with other central midfielders (Gianluca Busio, Johnny Cardoso, Taylor Booth, Cole Bassett, Bryang Kayo, Leon Flach) for a role on the U-20 World Cup roster.

Image Source: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports