Ranking The 25 Greatest Soccer Players in History

25. Andres Iniesta

David Ramos/Getty Images

Perhaps the greatest midfielder to ever play for Barcelona, if not the world. Andres Iniesta was all about press resistance and high football IQ, exemplified in pivotal matches like the first Clasico of the 15/16 season against Real Madrid and the Copa del Rey final versus Sevilla. In the Clasico, Iniesta’s masterful control of the game was evident as he orchestrated Barcelona’s 4-0 victory, filling the leadership void left by Xavi.

His ability to create space and provide crucial assists, such as Neymar’s goal, demonstrated his skill. Similarly, in the Copa del Rey final, despite being a man down, Iniesta almost single-handedly guided Barcelona to a 2-0 triumph. Outside of his otherworldly talent, his humility and professionalism have earned him the admiration and respect of fans worldwide.