RANKED: The Top 30 Players In The English Premier League

Virgil van Dijk — Liverpool

*NOTE* – Currently out with a knee injury. When healthy, van Dijk is a top-5 player.

It must be nice to have Alexander-Arnold, Salah and ManĂ© on your team. That trio alone would probably be able to keep Liverpool in the Champions League on a yearly basis. To also employ the world’s best defender is downright unfair (well, to everyone but Man City). Virgil van Dijk is a mountain of a man. Standing at 6-foot-4, the Dutch centre back is dominant in all facets of the game. His height allows him to win any ball in the air. He also has the speed to chase down nearly any player that gets in behind. When attacking up the pitch, van Dijk’s passing ability is sublime. Equally as stunning is his ability to hit free kicks. In 2019, van Dijk became the first defender to win the UEFA Men’s Player of the Year Award. He only finished seven points behind Lionel Messi for the Ballon d’Or. Without question, van Dijk is a juggernaut.

Image Source: Robin Jones/Getty Images

30. Jack Grealish — Aston Villa

Not many players in the Prem can dribble past opponents quite like Jack Grealish. Nearly halfway through the season, Grealish has carried the ball into the penalty area a remarkable 55 times. That mark is 24 clear of the second-most in the league (belonging to Marcus Rashford). Grealish is incredibly light on his feet, and often uses his quick, nimble moves to shake defenders. Through Villa’s first 15 matches, Grealish has scored five goals and assisted on seven others.

Image Source: Neville Williams/Aston Villa FC via Getty Images