Then and Now: An Update On Former WWE Superstars


Kamala (also known as James Harris) was a gigantic presence — both literally and figuratively — in the WWF. Though he was a fan favorite, it never appeared as if Vince McMahon ‘put him over’ in terms of winning a belt, and eventually earning lucrative financial perks. Unfortunately, Kamala didn’t stick in the business. He floated around different promotions before suffering some serious health issues.

Harris had part of his left leg amputated due to complications of both diabetes and high blood pressure. A year after that (in 2012), the same thing occurred to his right leg. Multiple campaigns were created to help Harris financially. In 2017, he had a life-threatening surgery which included clearing fluid which had built up around vital organs. Since then, Harris has been living in rural Mississippi. His only real forms of income are disability checks and selling handmade wooden chairs.

Image Source: PWPodcasts/Twitter