The Greatest Athlete Of All-Time From Each Of The 50 States

Rhode Island – Nap Lajoie – MLB

There aren’t a ton of athletes to choose from who were born in the Ocean State, but Lajoie is leaps and bounds ahead of the rest. Lajoie was the AL batting champion five times and was inducted to the Hall of Fame in 1937.
Image Source: Transcendental Graphics/Getty Images

Maine – Ian Crocker – Swimming

For reasons unbeknownst, Maine isn’t a center for athletic achievement. However, Portland native Ian Crocker has won almost two dozen medals in international competition. Although the water is a little chilly up north, it hasn’t slowed Ian down thus far.
Image Source: Chris Ivin/Getty Images

New Hampshire – Bode Miller – Skiing

Although he is known best for his off-slope activities, Bode Miller has been one of the most dominant skiers of his time. From 1998-2011, the New Hampshire native won 33 World Cup Championships and five Olympic medals. Being Bode bodes well.
Image Source: Clive Rose/Getty Images