Ranking The Top 10 Wrestling Stables of All-Time

10. Dangerous Alliance

Bobby Bank/Getty Images

While people may be most familiar with the versions of The Dangerous Alliance that appeared in WCW and later in ECW, the stable was first formed in the American Wrestling Alliance in 1987. Managed by Paul E. Dangerously (now Paul Heyman) all versions of the group were defined by his energetic and smarmy promos and the high level of workrate of its wrestlers.

Members included in-ring greats like Stunning Steve Austin, Arn Anderson, Eddie Gilbert, Bobby Eaton, Rick Rude, Shane Douglas, Taz, Sabu… the list goes on.

The peak of the Dangerous Alliance was at WrestleWar 1992 in a fantastic Wargames match against Sting’s Squadron. Any fan of wild brawls should seek it out.