Ranking The Best Women Personalities From The Attitude Era

18. Lilian Garcia

Lilian Garcia opens as the inaugural member on our list of women personalities from the Attitude Era (1997-2002). Though Garcia wasn’t a wrestler, valet or manager, she was beloved by fans all across the world as the primary ring announcer. Her effervescent personality — coupled with an immensely talented singing ability — made Garcia a very endearing individual. There were times in which Garcia was involved in various storylines. Perhaps her most notable role involved Garcia ‘marrying’ wrestler Viscera in a fictitious, on-screen ceremony.

Garcia is a world renowned vocalist. Throughout her career, she has worked with the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin, Shakira, and James Brown. Though not a full-time ring announcer for WWE anymore, Garcia will randomly make appearances.

17. Stephanie McMahon

At 23 years old, “Steph” made her debut as the daughter of WWE majority owner Vince McMahon. She initially started out as a love interest to wrestler Test — though her visibility steadily grew over the years. As she matured, McMahon’s skills on the mic became far more polished. She’d be able to carry segments quite well with a nice balance of bitchiness and wit.

McMahon would sporadically wrestle during this era. This included beating Jacqueline en route to becoming the WWF Women’s Champion.¬†McMahon’s ‘heel’ moniker was softened as she got older. She’s since taken more of a corporate role along with her real-life husband, Paul Levesque (also known as HHH). Her on-camera role includes currently being involved with Raw.

Image Sources: Bryan Steffy/Getty Images Entertainment, Kevin Mazur/Getty Images