RANKED: The 28 Greatest Tag Teams in Wrestling History

21. The Shield

Three individually great NXT stars surprisingly formed together to make the most dominant stable in the past decade. The Shield debuted with a bang — as Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns started out as “body guards” for CM Punk. They would go on to have a lengthy undefeated streak, and become one of the hottest acts in the business.

After eventually disbanding in 2014, the three gifted athletes would all have successful singles careers. There’s still some hope for this team to move even further up this leaderboard — as Rollins and Ambrose have begun teaming up again. The duo currently hold the Raw Tag Team belts.

Image Source: YouTube

20. D-Generation X

Shawn Michaels makes the list for a second time – this time with his buddy Triple H. D-Generation X was the perfect rebel group of the 90’s, and served as the WWE’s answer to WCW’s New World Order. A bit like the NWO, DX eventually grew in numbers, with Triple H focusing on singles matches and the New Age Outlaws holding down the tag team division. Still, we remember the group’s first incarnation with HBK and The Game telling everybody to ‘suck it.’ They were great together, and even better when battling against each other.

Image Source: Pro Wrestling Wiki