RANKED: The 28 Greatest Finishing Moves in WWE History

28. Swanton Bomb

Always having a flair for the dramatic, the enigmatic Jeff Hardy popularized this top-rope high-risk maneuver. It’s one thing when a cruiserweight hits a high-flying move, but Hardy is not a small man by any means (registering around 220 pounds). Hardy’s willingness to attempt the Swanton from any type of launch pad — including off of a ladder or even atop the TitanTron — made this move look even more dangerous.

Image Source: Geek.com

27. GTS (Go 2 Sleep)

Knee strikes has made a roaring comeback to professional wrestling over the past few years. Stars like Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins, Shinsuke Nakmura and Kenny Omega have all implemented some form of a knee attack into their expansive repertoires. One of the moves starting the revolution was the Go to Sleep — which is a dropping fireman’s carry transitioned into an upward knee strike. The GTS was notably used by CM Punk, though it was actually created by current NXT star Hideo Itami.

Image Source: WWE.com

26. Eclipse

While staying on the subject of NXT, we have to mention the best current finisher in WWE’s developmental system. Ember Moon’s awe-inspiring signature move is a sight to behold, and truly must be seen to be believed. The body control of one of NXT’s brightest stars is some of the best the company has to offer. If you have yet to see this flying corkscrew stunner in action, do yourself a favor and check it out.

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25. Kill Switch

This inverted face-buster was an underrated finishing move used by an underrated wrestler. Made popular by WWE’s Christian, the Killswitch (aka the Unprettier or the Impaler) has been a fan favorite over the last decade. Although the move itself doesn’t have the highest of impacts, Christian’s great storytelling ability gave it life and allowed the move to thrive.

Image Source: Wrestlezone