RANKED: The 26 Most Addicting Video Games of All-Time

24. Super Mario Bros.

You can’t go wrong with any of the original Super Mario Bros. games, but the first installment holds a sense of nostalgia. Every single level was deeply immersive, containing hidden puzzles, stars and unique enemies. On top of that, each level had to be played multiple times, attempting to accomplish a different objective each time. Without gaining a certain amount of stars, you couldn’t progress into the next painting to start the process anew. For many young gamers, this was the introduction to our favorite plumber, and what an introduction it was. This author personally spent an obscene amount of months trying to beat this game. A true sign of an addictive game is how one can come back years later and enjoy the game as much as they did their first play through, and this game is a glowing testament to that idea.

Image Source: Geek.com