RANKED: The 25 Greatest Sports Video Games Of All-Time

21. Rocket League

Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, OS X, Linux
Metacritic Score: 86% (PC)

The physics-based Rocket League can best be described as a soccer game played with rocket-powered cars. Teams score points by hitting an oversized ball into the opponent’s goal by any means necessary. Each game is about five minutes long, making it a very fast-paced game played best with a group of friends. Rocket League’s release in 2015 was a great reminder that the simplest of ideas, even in today’s era of video games, can be the most fun.

20. Mario Tennis

Platforms: Nintedo 64, Game Boy Color
Top Stars: Yoshi, Mario, Donkey Kong
Hidden Gems: Paratroopa, Baby Mario

It was only a matter of time before a Mario sports game cracked the list. No disrespect intended to Mario Super Sluggers, Mario Golf and Super Mario Strikers, but Mario Tennis is given the slightest of edges for its innovation and nostalgia factor. It wasn’t the very first sports game in the series – Mario Golf made its North American release a full year before – but it made the greatest strides in how Mario sports games would be made for the years to come. Tennis included colorful courts, fun power-ups, an expansive roster, and a certain pizzazz that a golf game struggles to capture.

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