RANKED: The 25 Greatest Soccer Players Ever

15. Garrincha

We think of Brazilian footballers in the traditional sense as those who play the game with a free-flowing style. It’s the type of culture in which joy permeates through the entire pitch. You get on the ball — in stylish fashion — before undressing the opponent with step-overs, flair, pace, and everything innately learned from playing the game as a young boy. Representing this creativity perhaps better than anyone was Garrincha.

In a sense, the late footballer can be held responsible for cultivating the style of play we often associate with Brazil as a whole. His unconventional dribbling style (at the time) was something defenders had trouble adjusting to. Tricky and daring with the ball at his feet, Garrincha was a master at weaving in and out of traffic. All the while, he’d brilliantly exploit small pockets of space on the pitch en route to goal. Garrincha was also the primary reason for why Brazil won the 1962 World Cup.

Image Source: Football Whispers