RANKED: The 25 Greatest Soccer Players Ever

16. Eusebio

Before Cristiano Ronaldo burst onto the scene, Portugal’s all-time best player had to have been considered Eusebio. Here is a man who played far larger than his 5-foot-9 frame would indicate. If we were to categorize him based upon one word, we’d offer up the term ‘hungry’ — as in hungry for goals. When playing for famed Portuguese club Benfica, he notched a whopping 317 goals in only 301 matches.

Eusebio helped his club win 11 league titles, and was a gigantic reason as to why Benfica was considered one of the best clubs in all of Europe throughout his prime. Despite being shorter in stature, Eusebio obliterated the competition with his ability to evade defenders courtesy of world-class pace. He had a nose for goal, and the technical ability to match. When looking at his profile as a player, he’s one of the few from the older generation who’d likely still star today in the modern game. Think Kylian Mbappe if he were to play centrally most of the time.

Image Source: STAFF/AFP via Getty Images