Counting Down The 20 Greatest Nintendo 64 Games of All-Time

17. Bomberman 64

The Bomberman series, like many others, made the historical jump from 2D to 3D with the introduction of the N64. While the 2D Bomberman wasn’t necessarily unpopular, Bomberman 64 brought renewed life to the series. The all-time classic very quickly became a staple for any Nintendo owner’s game library. While its adventure mode was admittedly not very difficult, it still provided a solid few hours of entertainment at a time. The game – like many others on this list – truly shined in the multiplayer mode. Battling it out with four friends (it really played the best with a full party!) was an absolute blast, devising strategies and battling for power-ups. It made for one of the better multiplayer experiences of its time, and as a standalone mode warrants a spot on this list.

16. Pokémon Snap

Nobody wants to admit it, but everybody loved Pokémon Snap. Stepping out of the conventional style that made the series so beloved, Snap followed a photographer’s quest of getting the best shots around the Pokeworld. Its gameplay is simple: point and click. While there were little things along the way to make pointing and clicking easier, the game was through and through point and click. The premise was that Todd (from the original series) was tasked with gathering photos of Pokémon from the various parts of the island (the levels) for “research purposes.” It was a good enough reason to travel through detailed levels full of secrets and hidden Pokémon. For parts of the game, one couldn’t progress until they had either taken pictures of enough Pokémon (to be quality rated by Professor Oak at the end of each level) or had found the secret routes that lead to the next level. While the gameplay was simple, the aesthetics made it a worthwhile break from the other Pokémon games that followed the same format.

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