Counting Down The 20 Greatest Nintendo 64 Games of All-Time

Released in 1996, the N64 still has some of the most timeless games to ever be created. The following games make our list for their multiplayer gameplay, their adventure mode(s), how innovative they were, or any combination of the three.

20. Star Wars: Rogue Squadron

Once upon a time, there existed another Star Wars game named “Shadows of the Empire.” The game itself was forgettable, but everybody had the same thought after playing the first level – why can’t we have a game devoted entirely to the piloting aspect of Star Wars? Thankfully, Lucas Arts heard the fans, and Rogue Squadron was born. Playing as Luke Skywalker, Rogue Squadron was an easy game to pick up and play with friends. Besides its varying array of ships and missions, it also rewarded players who became devoted to the game with increased rewards and challenging gameplay as you progressed. When the game was paired with the RAM upgrade on the N64, the graphics went to an entirely new level. Overall, it was an enjoyable mission based shooter, with 3D graphics that stood out from earlier N64 games. It stands as a strong basis for many games of a similar variety today.

19. Harvest Moon 64

A game whose entire premise was based upon the daily life of a farmer had no right being as enjoyable as it was. Alas, we have Harvest Moon 64, one of the most repetitive yet fascinating and fun games in the N64’s library. You control a nameless character that is in charge of maintaining an abandoned farm left to the protagonist by their grandfather. The excitement of new plants or animals to raise, finding a wife, settling down, attending the yearly festivals, all contributed to a game that turned minutes into hours in seemingly the blink of an eye. The game can really only be described as a combination of quirky and compulsive, with players always wanting to know what tomorrow held for their farmers.

18. Mario Tennis

One of the most successful and popular installments in a long series of Mario inspired sports games, Mario Tennis holds up to this day and is still a game that can be played for hours with friends. With endless game modes, creative power-ups and a plethora of familiar Mario characters to choose from, Mario Tennis stands alone as the best sports game in the series. The game will always shine being played on a couch with a group of friends, battling with or against each other on a multitude of beautiful courts. Nothing is perfect, but Mario Tennis is pretty darn close.

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