A Primer For the 2017 Confederations Cup Tournament This dress rehearsal for the 2018 World Cup features some terrific talent

The 2017 Confederations Cup is Here!

Inexplicably, we are only one year away from the beginning of the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Fans from all across the globe will flock to the gigantic country in order to celebrate the world’s most significant event.

To start the tournament, host Russia will square off versus New Zealand on June 17.

But before we break out the vodka and confetti, there’s still the matter of this year’s major tournament: The Confederations Cup. This dress rehearsal will give the country of Russia itself a small taste of what it will be like when hosting the main event the following year.

Duly, it provides eight teams (Russia, Germany, Chile, New Zealand, Australia, Cameroon, Mexico, Portugal) with some experience in these World Cup venues.

This piece will look at a number of things — including a brief overview on each side, young players to look out for, the superstar talent in the field, prominent storylines, and a prediction as to what will happen in the tournament.

Image Source: ESPN