Los Angeles Kings Fire Head Coach Todd McLellan After Disastrous Stretch

The Los Angeles Kings have made a significant coaching change, parting ways with Todd McLellan and appointing Jim Hiller as the interim coach for the remainder of the season.

This decision comes amidst the team’s quest for a turnaround in their performance. The team logged 44 points through the first 31 games of the season. This tied the mark for the most points in franchise history after such a period.

However, the team has fallen off a cliff since the end of December. In the last 17 games, LA has managed to accumulate only three wins. This is the lowest mark in the NHL — and as such the Kings are clinging onto a playoff spot after looking like a favorite to perhaps win the division and possibly the conference.

McLellan, who had been at the helm since his appointment in 2019, faced increasing pressure as the team struggled to meet expectations. The Kings’ management expressed their gratitude for McLellan’s contributions but emphasized the need for a new direction.

To lead the team through this transitional period, the Kings have named Hiller as the interim coach. Hiller, previously serving as an assistant coach, now assumes the head coaching responsibilities for the remainder of the season. The organization has confidence in Hiller’s ability to guide the team and provide a fresh perspective.

The decision to make a coaching change reflects the Kings’ commitment to reinvigorating their performance and pursuing a more successful season. The team aims to build on its strengths and address areas that have hindered its success on the ice. With the coaching transition, the Kings hope to inspire a positive shift in momentum and elevate their standing in the league.

The fanbase will be closely watching how the team responds to this coaching change, eager to witness improvements and a resurgence in performance during the remainder of the season.