With Only One Week Of Punishment, Johnny Manziel Certainly Learned Nothing

For a player who has had so many ups-and-downs in his brief, two-year career, it doesn’t help to be part of the most dysfunctional franchise in all of sports. That is the situation Johnny Manziel now finds himself in.

The Cleveland Browns have been the NFL’s version of the Philadelphia 76ers since 2008. Winning more than five games once (2014) in the past eight seasons, Cleveland’s ineptitude seemingly knows no bounds.

The franchise’s handling of Johnny Manziel is the latest misstep for an organization whose only element of consistency revolves around losing. After five head coaches and 15 different starting quarterbacks in the past eight years, the drafting of “Johnny Football” was supposed to bring a sense of stability. Boy, the Cleveland Browns could not have been more wrong.

Since being announced the starter for the rest of the season after an impressive 372-yard performance against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 10, Manziel has been a PR nightmare. Seen on social media at a club in Texas drinking during the Browns’ bye week, Manziel was immediately benched by the coaching staff and listed as the third-string quarterback for the rest of the season.

Three weeks later though, Manziel has been announced as Cleveland’s starting quarterback against the San Francisco 49ers. With Manziel avoiding any consequences for his idiotic behavior, the Browns are enabling the former Texas A&M star. But at the end of the day, maybe an unchanging Manziel and an incompetent Browns franchise simply deserve one another.

Source: Yahoo! Sports