Will Odell Beckham Jr. Leave Us Speechless Once Again?

Odell Beckham Jr. looks like a fully grown 30 year-old specimen in the peak of his athletic prime. He’s got the look, physique and attitude of a 10-year NFL veteran, but he’s only 22 years-old. If you listen closely, you can hear Jason Garrett, Jay Gruden and Chip Kelly sobbing.

Everyone has already heard how incredible his numbers were last season, especially when considering it was only over 12 games. He has not disappointed in his sophomore campaign, continuing to make highlight-reel plays and aid in Eli Manning’s quarterback rebirth.

Since 2014, ‘ODB’ was voted by America to be on the cover of Madden 16, replaced Troy Polamalu as the Head & Shoulders poster boy, and influenced nearly half of the NFL to copy his blonde hair look. But most impressively, Beckham Jr. has proven to be more than just a ‘one catch wonder.’ He has become one of the elite wide receivers in today’s NFL, and will certainly be the focus of Dallas’ defense come Sunday.

Dallas will not have Tony Romo or Dez Bryant to keep the offense rolling in this match-up, meaning the Giants should be able to dominate possession. Last week, the Giants showed the only way they can move the ball is for Manning to get it in the hands of their best play-maker. In a must-win NFC East showdown, expect the Giants to do just that.

We can only hope Beckham Jr. gives us another gravity-defying highlight, as it is what we have come to unfairly expect of him. Whether there is a jaw-dropping catch or not, Beckham Jr. will finish as the top fantasy wide receiver in Week 7 with eight catches for 115 yards and one touchdown.

Photo Credit: SPORTSBLOG