Week 14 Bengals-Steelers Game Results In Record Number Of Fines

It’s no secret the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cincinnati Bengals dislike each other, but their Week 14 showdown reached a new level of hatred. A pre-game scuffle between the two teams set the tone for a game that would result in $138,902 in fines.

A total of seven players (2 Bengals, 5 Steelers) now owe the league thousands of dollars.

The big loser is Cincinnati linebacker Vontaze Burfict, who was fined three times for his actions during the game. His roughing the passer, face-mask, and unnecessary roughness penalties resulted in a total of $69,454. While Burfict plans to appeal these fines, his previous track record makes an overturning appear unlikely.

Aside from Burfict, the other six players were only fined for a single incident. Bengals star wide receiver A.J. Green was fined $11,572 for punting the football into the stands after celebrating his 66-yard touchdown. It was actually the second time this season Green has done this (Week 5 against Seattle), but he is paying a steeper fine for violating the league’s policy a second time.

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For Pittsburgh, four of their five players were fined $8,681. Antonio Brown, Will Gay, Brandon Boykin and David DeCastro were penalized for various actions, but the big loser for Pittsburgh was safety Mike Mitchell. His hit on a defenseless Tyler Eifert resulted in a $23,152 fine and a concussion for Cincinnati’s star tight end.

With the season series tied 1-1, both teams would relish the opportunity to meet again in the postseason. If it happens, one thing is certain – the NFL will be collecting money from its players and fans alike.

Source: ESPN